About Me

I joke that I am a cafeteria decathlete. I have competed in 10 sports, and practiced more than 20. I have vied for a national championship in three: water skiing (first), sprint triathlon (fourth), and 24-hour adventure racing (not last). In 2012, my husband and I made the U.S. Team and competed in the ITU Cross (off-road) Triathlon World Championships, which were held on our home trails in Alabama. We figured out how to train seven days a week with full-time jobs, and a kid, and a dog—a victory in itself. As for the race… Let’s just say it was a great opportunity to teach our 4-year-old son the art of gracious losing!

By day, I work an office job as an editor for a large women’s magazine, the highlight of which is editing Rick Bragg, who calls me Crankypants. I love writing. Actually, I need writing. The way some people need, say, breathing. If I don’t write or sweat at least once a day, I feel like I am going to suffocate. Which is why I get up almost every morning around 4:30 a.m.—even on weekends—so that I don’t cheat my family out of the hours I spend making myself okay.

I am married to a guy nicknamed “Fast Eddie” by the dudes who try to hold his wheel. He is a world-class athlete in his own right, and has the V02 Max of the guy with the now-defunct yellow jerseys before he got those jerseys. Fast Eddie has competed in two Eco-Challenge adventure races (his claim to fame on the Mark Burnett TV show was two seconds in the background shot of the Playboy Bunny team who competed in Borneo). He also races cyclocross, on-road and off-road triathlons from sprint to Iron Man distance, mountain-bike races, and adventure races that can run on longer than a Faulkner sentence. We have adventure raced as a team, when he doesn’t mind slumming with me.

We live in Birmingham, Alabama with our 5-year-old son, Little Man, who is training for his first triathlon next May. Here’s a video produced by my friend and badass-athlete-slash-mom-slash-creative-force Mary Lou Davis, about how we roll:

How it’s Done from mary lou davis on Vimeo.